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Language and history of Resian Valley

The regional law 38/01 and the amendment of L.R. 26/07 aim to protect the Slovenian minority in the Friuli Venezia-Giulia region but the Resian people has been included in it despite the proven and documented fact that in the Valley of Resia the Slovene minority does not exist and has never existed.

As a matter of fact, Resian people have never shared with Slovenia anything such as their territory, history, traditions or tongue

Recent genetic tests (made within the regional “Genetic park of Friuli VG” project) have revealed without doubt that Resians have a unique genome in Europe and, therefore, they are not even distant relatives of Slovenes.
Famous worldwide linguists (prof. Hamp, and others) claim the resian language to be a very interesting Slavic archaic language and that it can not be a dialect of Slovenia since its origin is independent from the development of the Slovenian language. The resian language is recognized as a Slavic archaic language by UNESCO which has inserted it into the Atlas of Languages in danger of extinction.
In the report on minorities in the Alpe Adria regione, prepared in 1990 by the Working Group composed representatives of Burgenland, Friuli VG, Croatia, Slovenia, Trentino - Alto Adige and Veneto, our language is called "a minor linguistic community, an ancient settlement " and it has never been declared as a Slovenian minority. This distinction has also enacted by L.R. 68/81 art. 25 and 46/91 art. 2a, which provides, in respect of municipal statutes, the protection of local historical languages and it was never meant to link the two languages in such a direct way, making the Resian language a subset of the Slovenian one. The insistence of few people on their side for Slovenian’s interests (political and economic) is perceived as a severe risk of destroying the resian identity.
The Association "Identity and Protection Resia" has recently called the people of Resia to participate in the collection of signatures - an initiative loyal, social, administrative and legal, not political - to ask the Regional Authorities in Friuli VG for a fair relocation of the Resian Community who legitimately owns all the numbers and constitutional law to be recognized as a minority in its own right.  

Language and history of Resian Valley

E 'it was prepared the draft of what will become the regional law on linguistic minorities with the number 205 (FINAL ACT 26). An altar to the Slovenian minority and not a distinction, a small nod to resiana language, pearl necklace of Slavic languages ​​in recent centuries has deserved, for its uniqueness the attention of scholars and linguists from around the world. It 'was, in this respect, unheeded suggestion of Professor Hamp which advised to make a careful review of resiano first catalog it, particularly in regard to the vowels, very important for the purpose of any language. E 'was ignored what was stated, at the time, by Baudouin de Courtenay, one of the most influential linguists concerned with real passion to resiano, who after explaining why Resian are not Russians, writes: "in a similar way we can prove that Resian are not Bulgarians, Slovenes not in the proper sense of this word, not Serbo-Croats in the strict sense, etc ..,

and who represent us, from glottologico point of view, an independent Slav race. "
This statement gave much trouble to his pick hammers, so much so that they tried to discredit him just because the good and honest Baudouin de Courtenay, now old, tired and sick, had expressed a desire to reconsider the theory about the combination of resiano to turano-Altaic . By Slavists, he says a wise, given the considerable shortcomings of the law 482/99 you followed the varied and complex provisions that do not take into account the reality and fairness, but only the strength of "enterprising" joint intellectuals to ' opportunity to safeguard certain political balance. Then, catalog the resiano between Slovenian dialects is just a favor done to the politician who extends his hand, anywhere can do it, to get contributions: this is technically, scientifically and historically a mistake. Relegate resiano in the limbo of dialects, even though the law does not help, it represents a lack of respect, a "diminutio capitis" for a language with which Resian, in almost 1400 years of cohabitation were told everything you have transmitted the knowledge, culture, as well as physical art and crafts, technology and music. Please, gentlemen linguists, whether propio you can not call the language because the law does not let you do it, please state with another appropriate word, but NOT toss in the mass grave of Slovenian dialects. The Slovenian crush and swallow the resiano in a few years and you will remain undying bitterness in for not having done anything to save this beautiful language. The resiano can not be a Slovenian dialect as its origin is independent from the development of the Slovenian language. At the regional statute is stipulated that the members of the Slovenian minority of F.V.G. They are Italian citizens of Slovenian nationality. We can not call of Slovenian nationality. With Slovenja we have nothing in common, nor topos, neither ethos nor logos, nor characters nor ways, and in the many centuries since we have not experienced even a moment of history together united, indeed I found one we are against others in different occasions. For example: in 1500, during the war between Austria and Venice, the Slovenes have sided with the emperor, while the Resian have remained loyal to the Serenissima; in 1915/18 war Resian and Slovenes were fired along the entire front line from Brenner to the Karst region. Let us not mention the 2nd World War for the known reasons, although we can not say that we have been helped to fight a dictatorship in order to give us another, we have been unjust and cruel executions and also had Resia its infoibati. There has never cohabitation, in fact. nor any interact by means of language. That is because the one has never understood what the other said. Are different linguistic realities. Resian, as they entered the valley, to communicate with each other used the Old Church Slavonic or Old Church Slavonic, which has absorbed fragments of Celtic, Latin and Lombard and in which were gradually inserted loans from Constantine liturgical Church Slavonic with the Slovenian portatoci by the monks of St. Paul and Admont, sent to Resia by the abbots of Moggio in the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries AD, and finally the loans from the Friulian, German and Italian.

Looking at the statistics. Currently about 100 words spoken in resiano:

-40 Are common to all Slavic languages ​​universe (mati, oce, oci, etc ..);

-20 Are only resiane (GJO, Karie, rat, want, wsei, mugjul, Pravit, Lanita, etc ..);

-8 They are equal to only Slovenian (kacja, GOSD, skuta, kucjanizza, etc ..);

-30 Resianizzate are words taken from Italian, German and Friuli;

-2 Are common to some of the Slavic languages ​​(eg .: Jinde = Ceko, with whom we share the ending of verbs; ric = Ukraine; SCJA = Bulgarian, Polish, Ukrainian).

Consider the story. Resian are under Canin early as the seventh century A.D., arrived directly from the north - east having been able to benefit from a period of freedom of movement after that Samo was to release almost all Western Slavs. The joint group in Carinthia was remarkable and diverse. Gruden and Rutar would want it made up only Slovenians, deliberately misunderstanding about whether Franks, Bavarians and Saxons called the Slavs: Esclavens, Esclovens, Escloviens, but no historian Slovenian not endorse this figure and Lewanski even warns them and says: "Among the VI and eighth centuries AD the Slavs penetrated into neighboring territories to Friuli forming settlements provided with a state order in southern Noricum. Contrary to the assumptions of the early researchers that colonization was the work of western Slavs NOT Slovenes. " This name for Slovenes will come only two centuries later, when the Franks freed them from the bondage of the Avars. The group found itself in Carinthia broke away parts of four tribes who decided to reach the Friuli plain through the Fella valley. They clashed with the Lombards that they rejected them after inflicting them heavy losses. The survivors took refuge in the Resia Valley and began a life of community that has never stopped to this day. The handles of marauders Slavs of which tells us that annoy Paul Deacon with their raids on the plains the Lombards for a good part of the eighth century, they can only be Resian but not Slovenes. In universal history Slovenes (Esclovens) are mentioned only in the ninth century: in 816 a delegation is in Compiègne for an act of submission to Louis the Pious, as well as to ask the distinction from their oppressors and to take advantage of any territory between Sava and Drava to live and carry out their activities; But loyalty to the emperor was short-lived: between 820 and 823 Liudovit certainly good that they put the population of the Western Pannonia, including Slovenes, and drove her to revolt against the Franks. The group had its first success against Cadola, Marquis of Friuli, and managed to invade the territory west of the Sava, but then the Franks sent in place a strong contingent of men and with the help of the Croats (Bozna), scattered and they decimated the insurgents. After this setback, Slovenes recovered in the second half of the ninth century and received well the visit of Cyril and Methodius, but they could regroup and finally start a community life (to become one of the mildest people and correct history) only after 950, the exhaustion of the fury of the Hungarians who, in five distinct waves, they passed on the Western Pannonia as a branding iron.

At this point we are in open conflict with the five plus five that - with political action worthy of the best Talleyerand, motivated by the only "scientific" language reflection - have sought and obtained the insertion of the municipality of Resia among those protected by the law on Slovenian minority. We would like to understand why (a virus?), Despite having them in the valley follow closer to 0 than to 15% accurate by law (and could not be otherwise, he gave himself that no resiano but propio no one can legitimately declare himself of Slovenian nationality and nobody, but nobody knows propio the Slovenian national anthem), continue undeterred in pursuing their purpose and to maintain the position and delivery assigned at the time of their recruitment by Maticetov, director of the whole thing, which - even with the help of local carriers, - of course - has managed to bring the water of Resia in the Sava, coaxing, and teaching, along the way linguists apprentices, pseudo journalists and writers, undergraduates, and so on. Some of the surriferiti moments he even admitted that the resiano can not be a Slovenian dialect and Resian can not evoke the Slovenian nationality but that everything is being carried out for the sake of Resia, considering that the competent bodies also accept us Resian. "In short, we pretend to have Slovenes contributions", and not to him nor so coves if the magistrate may glimpse into their say and act the configuration of one or more constituent elements of the crime of fraud against the State, gave himself that those are bestowed money disbursed by the Italian taxpayer. The competent lords CULTURE wonders courtesy wishing to restore the dignity of the LANGUAGE Resian , pearl necklace of Slavic languages ​​for the attention and the protection of UNESCO as a universal heritage. Thank you

Gilberto Barbarino