Language and history of Resian Valley

The regional law 38/01 and the amendment of L.R. 26/07 aim to protect the Slovenian minority in the Friuli Venezia-Giulia region but the Resian people has been included in it despite the proven and documented fact that in the Valley of Resia the Slovene minority does not exist and has never existed.

As a matter of fact, Resian people have never shared with Slovenia anything such as their territory, history, traditions or tongue

Recent genetic tests (made within the regional “Genetic park of Friuli VG” project) have revealed without doubt that Resians have a unique genome in Europe and, therefore, they are not even distant relatives of Slovenes.
Famous worldwide linguists (prof. Hamp, and others) claim the resian language to be a very interesting Slavic archaic language and that it can not be a dialect of Slovenia since its origin is independent from the development of the Slovenian language. The resian language is recognized as a Slavic archaic language by UNESCO which has inserted it into the Atlas of Languages in danger of extinction.
In the report on minorities in the Alpe Adria regione, prepared in 1990 by the Working Group composed representatives of Burgenland, Friuli VG, Croatia, Slovenia, Trentino - Alto Adige and Veneto, our language is called "a minor linguistic community, an ancient settlement " and it has never been declared as a Slovenian minority. This distinction has also enacted by L.R. 68/81 art. 25 and 46/91 art. 2a, which provides, in respect of municipal statutes, the protection of local historical languages and it was never meant to link the two languages in such a direct way, making the Resian language a subset of the Slovenian one. The insistence of few people on their side for Slovenian’s interests (political and economic) is perceived as a severe risk of destroying the resian identity.
The Association "Identity and Protection Resia" has recently called the people of Resia to participate in the collection of signatures - an initiative loyal, social, administrative and legal, not political - to ask the Regional Authorities in Friuli VG for a fair relocation of the Resian Community who legitimately owns all the numbers and constitutional law to be recognized as a minority in its own right.